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Accused of Medicaid Fraud? What to do


Accused of Medicaid Fraud? What to do

Being accused of medicaid fraud is one of the most serious issues any practice can face. medicaid is a Federal offense and carries with it the possibility that billing staff and practice partners can be personally fined and face a jail term if found guilty. They can also be required to pay the fraudulently claimed money back to the fund.

Remember, the offense is one of strict liability, so if you are found guilty then it does not matter if you have a compelling reason for having over billed or made up invoices, the state will find you guilty. If you are facing an action for medicaid fraud, you need to get an attorney and quickly. It is likely that your insurance company will not cover you for the action of fraud, however it is worth speaking to them and seeing if they will provide an attorney. Regardless of if they do provide an attorney, you need to still retain your own expert.

Insurance attorneys are great, but handle high case loads and will not be specialist in the area of medicaid fraud. They will not be able to defend you in a criminal action as well as those who know the process and system well and who have dealt with this kind of law time and time again. This means that the attorney you appoint must be medicaid knowledgeable with a list of experts working in that field to examine your work and determine if it was fraudulent or not.

The federal code surrounding medicaid is complicated, and a basic or junior attorney will not be well placed to protect you in such an action, this is not simple litigation or a basic criminal matter, medicaid fraud suits destroy lives and all those connected to a practice accused. Click on NY medicaid fraud attorney for more source.


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