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NY Medicaid Fraud Attorney Info
NY Medicaid Fraud Attorney Info

NY Medicaid Fraud Attorney


If you are being investigated for Medicaid or Medicare fraud, then you need a good attorney. Most people do not know what to expect or how the investigation process works. There are specific events that may trigger an automatic fraud investigation such as Federal tax returns, property records or from a fraud hotline tip.

How an Attorney Can Help

A fraud attorney has a lot of experience with these types of investigations. They will let you know all about the process and what you can expect. Be sure you are absolutely honest with your attorney so he can defend you in the best way possible. It is important that you speak to no one about your case except your attorney.

The investigation process includes field visits and pics of your work, vehicles and home. You will be required to fill out a lot of paperwork. This is where your attorney can help you the most. You can expect that your attorney will go with you during the initial interview. The False Claim Act (FCA) was put into place to protect the government’s funds from fraud.

Many people also do not realize that a person who reports fraud to the hotline is eligible for up to 30 percent of the funds that the government receives from you. Keep in mind that billing mistakes may also lead to claims of fraud. It is up to you to hire an attorney to defend you against these allegations. Choose an attorney that has a good reputation for helping their clients during these types of cases.

An attorney can help you during this difficult time to remain calm. Most attorneys will not charge you for their initial consultation. It is important that you hire an attorney soon after you receive notification that alleges fraud of any kind. Get the legal representation you deserve and contact the best NY medicaid fraud attorney in the field.