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NY Medicaid Fraud Attorney To Rescue
NY Medicaid Fraud Attorney To Rescue

NY Medicaid Fraud Attorney to the Rescue


When you are summoned to appear before a judge because they suspect you are defrauding the Medicaid system, this matter should be addressed as quickly as possible. Each day that you put this off, you run the risk of having the book thrown at you and putting yourself in a very bad financial situation. The best thing that you could do today is reach out to the local professional NY Medicaid fraud attorney who has years experience in dealing with these types of cases.


Getting Evidence to Prove Your Story


It can be a challenge for most people to prove their side of the story when they can not even make heads or tails of the letter they received. The terminology is worded in such a way that you really need the help of a skilled local professional NY Medicaid fraud attorney to figure out what the court needs. Once the letter is carefully examined, your lawyer will work with you to gather up crucial documents to show that the charges are unfounded or incorrect. The sooner you have the local professional NY medicaid fraud attorney working on the case, the better that you will not have to deal with any unpleasant hardships.


The Reason You Have Been Singled Out


Many people feel that they have been unfairly singled out during this investigation. The truth is that there are several things that could have happened that opened the door to your being investigated. Your local professional NY Medicaid fraud attorney will tell you that perhaps your recent tax return was in contrast to information that you provided on your application. In some cases it could be that your bank account records caused the issue in money difference. There are cases where an anonymous tip could have led to the investigation being triggered in the first place.