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What Could a NY Medicaid Fraud Attorney Do For You
What Could a NY Medicaid Fraud Attorney Do For You

What Could a NY Medicaid Fraud Attorney Do For Me?


In order to answer this question more clearly, you should be asking yourself what could happen if you don't hire a NY Medicaid fraud attorney? On one hand, you may think that you are going to save a few dollars in lawyer fees, but compare that to the financial hardships the judge is about to impose on you and the comparison is not even close.


Let's talk about all the things that could benefit you by working with a skilled and local NY medicaid fraud attorney.


The first thing is something you can not put a price on. The stress you are going to be dealing with from that time you get notified until court day is enormous. This case is going to consume your mind for weeks, and you may even have trouble sleeping at night. The fear of the unknown will play tricks on your mind and make this case far worse than it really may be. Once the attorney is on the job, you can rest assured that they are going to fight on your behalf to get the most favorable outcome.


When it comes time to go to court, you have no idea how the judge is going to react to your case and what punishment they may have in store for you. If you were going at this alone, the judge at the least is going to hand down harsh fines for the charges. Then the judge has the discretion to suspend your benefits for a predetermined amount of time of permanently. On the most severe end, your judge may demand you pay back the benefits you received, and this can add up to big bucks.


Don't leave your fate to the courts, let the NY Medicaid fraud attorney take control and get you the best possible outcome.